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Private Lessons

The most obvious answer is because private lessons are the fastest way to progress in a dance. Each lesson is custom tailored just for you.

Take private lessons…

  • to get a kickstart
  • to address challenges
  • to add specific techniques
  • because you prefer personalized attention
  • to discreetly pick up new skills and wow your friends 😉
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If getting to learn Kizomba is one of the best things happened to me, having Emile and Veronika guiding along this beautiful journey is a true blessing. Picked up interest in the class; enthralled since the privates. Cannot imagine where I’d be wandering in the cosmos of Kizomba without the time and patience Emile and Veronika spent with me two-on-one from building up my basics, putting down bad habits, to detailing the body movements, installing the connection and sensitivity as a follow, and even to working on some of the stuff I’d been longing to. Each time going back to the classes and social floor after the private, I would feel the difference and how profoundly they had benefited me. Also really love and appreciate the way they build up the weekly classes and flexibly adjust the level to the majority of the students while paying close attention to each of us and, always, always in the rotation. Currently trying to make the best of their dedicatedly prepared systematic spring curriculum with musicality, connection, Tarraxinha and looking forward to add some new Tarraxa skills…always so much to learn and much more Kizomba love to share with this great community!


Briefly, I looked around for a dance with “Roots” – a dance rooted in the Diaspora experience; An experience that blends originality, dexterity, togetherness, soulfulness, sensuous rhythms; There is neither “Quartier Latin”, nor “Santos” in San Francisco; But across the Bay Bridge on Lake Merritt, gotkizomba keeps me in the groove; With that which took decades to intertwine and re-intertwine – Kizomba; The passion and connection of peoples; Through a unique music, a unique dance; Thanks gotkizomba!


I’ve been learning Kizomba with Emile and Veronika for the past 5 months now and it’s been awesome. I wasn’t sure about it before I started but after the first lesson I was totally hooked. It’s a great activity to meet some really nice people and learn some cool dance moves.


My name is Alvin & I’ve been taking Kizomba from Emile & Veronika for about 8 months. I’ve never danced before & the classes they offer are structured so that it can be assessed as to my progression. The group as a whole are very friendly & people are kind to one another, that is why I stayed. If you’re curious about Kizomba & want to learn, give them a shot.


Emile and Veronika are fantastic kizomba teachers. They are very passionate about the dance and have built a wonderful community of kizomba dancers in the bay area. I always enjoy their classes and workshops – they are very methodical, patient,and fun in their approach to teaching the dance. They are constantly striving to keep their material fresh and exciting.


Thank you to everyone, especially Emile and Veronika, who made this weekendr as awesome as it was. As with all their events, organization and instruction were top notch. Great venues, music, food, vibe, and dances. What really stood out for me were the classes. Loved the variety of styles and transitions between them, how the teachers adjusted their instruction and answered questions, and how they presented just enough material to help us improve, practice, and absorb without overloading. Learned a ton and had a ton of fun. Huge thank you and can’t wait until the next one.


I was looking for kizomba classes in the bay area during my exchange semester in Berkeley, and I’m very happy I found Emile and Veronika. I’ve attended their Monday and Thursday classes regularly for 3 months now, and I’ll definitely continue until I have to go back to Germany. I love that they pay attention to the small things, and that you do all the moves correctly. It’s the details that make great dancers and that make kizomba a lot of fun. All the routines I’ve learned I can use at social dancing, and the variety of different styles they teach allows you to really adapt your dancing to the music, and not just dancing the same way to every song. I am also very happy to know all the people in the kizomba community. It makes me feel welcome and at home.


Veronika & Emile have built a fun inclusive Kizomba community over their years of teaching. It’s great to see the same faces every week, plus some new ones. There is a range of ages and dance experience among classgoers, so you’re never too old or rhythmically challenged to give their classes a shot!


Leaning Kizomba with Nika and Emile has been a truly rewarding experience. Their teaching approach is relayed with respect and patience, yet remains steadfast and tough in bringing out that grace and consciousness a dancer of Kizomba is supposed to have. I came to classes not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I loved the music very much and had seen videos of people dancing so elegantly that I wanted to be one of them. So I looked up Nika and Emile on the internet and signed up for classes. I began with the Intro bootcamp, then went on regular weekly classes. I’ve been on my learning journey for seven months now, and every minute has been worth it., although nothing quite prepared me for the level of intricacy of the steps and body movements. The dancing community fostered by Nika and Emile here is a supportive and lively one. I hope to remain a part of this community for a very long time!


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Group lessons are also a great way to learn!

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