Since you are on this page, you’re probably new to Kizomba, and maybe new to dance. We believe anyone can learn to dance. Thank you for considering us as you begin your Kizomba journey.

Got Kizomba U is a great place to learn Kizomba. We’ve been teaching Kizomba, and organizing Kizomba events, longer than anyone else in the Bay Area. Each week, there’s a minimum of 5 classes, including levels for everyone.

Whether you dance other dances or not, you’ll want to enroll in Kizomba 1A. To prepare you for Kizomba 1A, we require you to take one of our 2hr Intro Boot Camps which are scheduled periodically. Click the Learn to Dance Kizomba link on the right to register for our next Intro Boot Camp.

Once you complete the boot camp, you’ll be eligible to take Kizomba 1a. Click the link below to check out our class schedule…

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